Mittwoch, Dezember 28, 2011

Katrin 2011

The Vanilla Ninja keyboarder, Katrin Siska is known for chaning her hairstyle very often. Just like this year again. But 2011 has as well been busy and exciting for her.
Read about Katrin's year 2011.

- Katrin was at the cover of the women's magazine Naised and talked about music and politics.
- As director of the biggest culture centre in Tallinn Katrin organized a lots of events.

- Katrin attented to Raadio 2's show Siin Me Oleme and talked about Vanilla Ninja and her present activities.

- Katrin attented to the Vana Tallinn Days and this year she was not participating in the Lilyball like last year but was a member of the jury.
- She also went to see one of her favourite bands 30 Seconds To Mars.

- As having worked in politics Katrin gave a statement about the new currency.
- The famous Estonian painter Juhan Rodrik talked about Katrin being his muse.

- Katrin talked about her favourite meals and her vegetarian diet.
- Katrin organized an event 'Ei Hinnatõusule'.

- Katrin gave an interview to the Polish VN source Ninja Diary.
- Katrin told them also about her Halloween.

- Katrin admitted that she would like to play in TV-series.

We hope that 2012 will bring even better things than there have already been for Katrin and all the best!

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