Freitag, Dezember 09, 2011

Piret's Magic Moments

The Vanilla Ninja girl, Piret Järvis, talks about new rituals which changed her life and the magical effect of intimately hugging.

The new member of the Pealtnägija [Engl.: Eyewitness] reporters crew, is recently interested in esoteric things. 'At home I have so many good thoughts, when I ask the cards for advide from time to time. And intimately hugging with people is as well an enjoyable ritual with a magical effect.', Piret betrays about her magical rituals.

These moments, which changed her life, Piret describes at the Estonian portal the goes on telling: 'Obviously this has been about five years yet, it is especially fascinating to meet familar people. They are totally different from you in thinking crossing your way like this having a different past, that silently also become my previous values and my perfecptions take an absolutely other figure. Some time after the transformation you will be given bigger dynamics in the same personality the authors I suggest are Carlos Castaneda or Eckhart Tolle.'

Source:  DELFI

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