Dienstag, April 24, 2012


We're happy to inform you that one of the major and worth seeing Vanilla Ninja fansites which you were probably supposed to know as Love-Ninjas.com is back with a new design and new domain that's why the site changed its name.
Read here what's new and check out Vanilla Ninja.eu and don't forget to tell your friends about it ;)
and for those who haven't like their Facebook-page. Their gallery will be finished soon, too!

Donnerstag, April 12, 2012

Belated news: Piret at the 'Computer Games Night'

On Saturday April 7th, 2012 the singer Piret Järvis hosted the 'Computer Games Night: R U There', which took place at the 'Sõprus'-cinema. 

"Looking at a bloody game like 'Mortal Kombat' is one, I was a school girl indeed not having the possibility to play it. It's alright that games are bloody and brutal just as the regulary action-films and I think, there should be age limits for underage ones.", Piret said to the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht.

Computer-fans of among others 'Mortal Kombat' were able to play agains each other on big movie-screens of the Sõprus movie theatre.
During that night Piret remembered her childhood: "As a child there was still played a lot. 'Prince of Persia' I had a compter, the computer was black-green and also black-white still. 'Supalex', 'Minesweeper' and 'Super Mario' were games I also played.", she tells. Today th situation as changed for Piret: "Currently I'm not such a big computer- and video game player. I'm absolutely not familar with the games nowadays."

And what does Piret generally think of computer games? "Maybe it is a good way to escape from the reality and somehow calm your mind for a moment but I think that you need an entertaining feature, too", she answered.
From her childhood she remembered that she always argued with her elder sister Mari and her younger brither Peeter who may play the computer and that her parents always had to tell that that it's bed-time.

From the 'Computer Games Night' we got to know about Piret that she doen't like brutal, bloody games but prefers nice games like 'Super Mario' or 'Prince of Persia'.

Source: Õhtuleht

Samstag, April 07, 2012

Vanilla Ninja Management Comments on VN Performances

We were very happy to inform you that Vanilla Ninja will celebrate their 10-year-anniversary with a big performance in Riga.

Now their management has published an official statement on this. Read it below:

Broken Records International S.A. Statement
Santiago, Chile | April 2012

Good day!

We are glad to announce that many Vanilla Ninja fans can be happy this summer, because you can enjoy your favorite band this summer LIVE! in a new festival that will take place in Riga, Latvia. This is "Pestivals" at Mezaparks (www.pestivals.lv/en). We are sure this will be a very special venue and a very special show, so we invite all fans that can go to Riga this July 28th 2012. Vanilla Ninja will make a GREAT show! 

There is interest from some other places (festivals), but we will not publish or reveal until we have something confirmed. It seems that Vanilla Ninja can make some other great shows near you this summer. So keep on wishing!

Thanks for the patience to all loyal fans! We know who they are.

See you all this VN summer!

Hector Faune & Max Irarrazaval
Broken Records International S.A.

Source: Elmo K.

Dienstag, April 03, 2012


At the beginning of the new year we had to inform you about the sad message that the concert the VN girls Piret, Katrin and Lenna planned, to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in summer, got cancelled. This made the band lose more fans again and more fans doubt about a VN-reunion.

Since today we have more hope than some VN-sources have tried to give you already. Vanilla Ninja will perform this summer! This is not an April-joke! Estonia's neighbour-country to the south, Latvia, has a new music and culture festival called 'Pestival', where many European artists will perform and so will the legendary Estonian girl-rock band from Estonia on July 28th, 2012 from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00p.m. [GTM+2] on the Mezaparks Great Stage in the Latvian capital Riga.

The ticket-shop has been opened since today. If you are quickly and belong to the ones to buy one of the first 3.000 tickets you only have to pay 18.00 Ls [25, 74 €], normal tickets cost 25 Ls [35, 75 €] and VIP tickets which are limited cost 50 Ls [71, 50 €].

Time to concentrate VN-fans!!! :)

Source: Vanilla Ninja, Pestival

Montag, April 02, 2012

Piret not on Today's Terevisioon

As we informed you Piret Järvis will be the host of the Estonian ETV morning show 'Terevisioon' [Engl.: Hellovision] for a certain time. Even though "(in) fact, I didn't go to the studios this morning. This programme was recorded in parts, because right this morning I came to travel abroad", says Piret.

Piret says that of course this was an excepting from the regularity. The following shows are already planned.
The singer and host hasn't been able to judge about the results of the recordings. "I haven't watched filming yet, it is difficult to imagine by speaking. But it is something I want to do in any case. By Urmas Vaino's side it has still been good and safe", Piret explains to the web-designer of the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht.

In these following three days Piret even has to wake up before 05.00 am [GTM+2]. "But it's great that meanwhile I've got the routine.", Piret says.

The real hosts of 'Terevisioon' Katrin Viirpalu and Peeter Oja got replaced by Urmas Vaino and Piret Järvis because of the vacation they are having currently.

Source: Õhtuleht

Lenna's car sold!

As we informed you Lenna's former car the Renault Mégane Coupé was auctionned on Thursday March 29th, 2012 from 10.00 pm [GTM+2] on the City Motors Facebook page. Many people attended as spactators and participants.

After five hours the new owner of Lenna's car was announced. It's the 24-year-old advertising project manager Helena Ruudi who bought the one-year-old car, which has been driven "only 20 000km", as Lenna says,  for 11 600 Euros (the original prize was 18 000 Euros). Apart from that she has won concert tickets for Lenna's summer performances and a signed CD.
"I've attended to the auction spontaneously. I went into the internet in the morning and saw a big announcement in a news-portal thinking this is an event. Apart from that I had some time so I decided to try it", Helena says.

Us from Club VN wish Helena all the best with the car. May she drive wonderful and happy roads with it. :)

Watch below the video of Helena getting the car:

Source: ÕhtulehtCity Motors