Freitag, November 04, 2011


In summer we have asked the famous, young Estonian painter Juhan Juku Rodrik who has painted many pictures of and for the Ninja Girls Katrin, Piret and Lenna why he likes to paint Katrin, who he has painted the most.

Read his anwer below:

Katrin inspires me! The most! More than anything else! [...]
Why she does inspire?
I don't know, she looks spellbound like no one else I've ever done.
I experience her pictures to be "alive". They change!

I see her photo and it's never the same. So I paint according to that.
And I can spend months or years to do her pic.

We thank Mr. Rodrik for this statement. If you want him to paint you any (Ninja)-pictures ask him: he will paint it and keep it for you until you come and buy it.

Check him out on Facebook or his fan-page.

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