Montag, November 07, 2011

TV Series For Kati

The Vanilla Ninja girl Katrin Siska, who is now busy as principal of the biggest Cultural Centre of Tallinn, Lindakivi, and who has already collected many experiences on TV as host, for example, said that she would like to play in popular and interesting TV series.
Action has to be included! That's what I like, she said to the women's magazine Naisteleht.

The three most popular series are Õnne13 (Engl.: Aleatory13), Kelgukoerad (Engl.: Sledge Dogs) and Pilvede All (Engl.: Above The Clouds): I would like to play in one of those. But I would only take roles, which is right for me and which I like, where my personality can be reflected, she explains.

Source: Ninja Portaal

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