Freitag, Dezember 30, 2011

Piret 2011

This year Piret has mainly been busy with work in TV.
Read about her year 2011.

- Piret has been a guest at Raadio 2's show Siin Me Oleme [Engl.: Here we are], she talked about Vanilla Ninja, a possible wedding, esoteric literature, her work and about her birthday.

- Piret performed as DJane at the GüüTTeÖö  event.
- For the third time Piret has hosted the Kuldne Plaat [Engl.: Golden CD] event.
- Piret went back to acting - she had a little role in the series Unistuste Agentuur [Engl.: Dream Agency]

- Piret moved to the countryside with her fiancé Kallervo Karu.
- Piret represented Estonia in the ESC 2011 announcing the points of the votes.

- Piret got her own show in ETV '2011'.

-Piret left her job in the ministery.

- Piret became a main reporter at ETV and joined the crew of Pealtnägija [Engl.: Eyewitness].
- Piret was the publicty model for Vichy VivaSport.
- Piret filled the cover and the cover story of the magazine Mood.

- Piret was a guest at the show Ringvaade [Engl.: Newsreel]. She talked about herself being one of the main editors of ETV and being in the show Pealtnägija.

- Piret talked about Pealtnägija.

- Piret talked about her magic moments.

We're looking forward to a great new year for and with Piret.

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