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Vuosaari - Naked Harbour

After her musical success with song 'Hüvasti, Maa!' [Engl.: Good-bye, earth!] and an accompaning music video, Lenna now is back on the lines of the Estonian an Finnish cinemas with the movies 'Täitsa Lõpp' [Engl.: Absolutely in the end], which has already been published since the middle of November, and 'Naked Harbour', which you can watch from Feburay 2012 on.

The Vanilla Ninja girl, talked to the Estonian news-paper Õhtuleht about her role as the Estonian girl Viivi. It was not easy to play the role, furthermore you can say it was the hardest but also most exciting role Lenna has ever played. She not only had to deal with her role but also with foreign locations, the Finnish language, the precision of Finnish film-makers and the specific Finnish actors and actresses. All these hard situations were like a test to her which she mastered very well.

'My role was quite big and the scenes were shot in the area that was foreign to me. I had to work with the people I had never been exposed to. And I had to speak Finnish language – it was a big step forward for me!', she says, 'I like situations when I get thrown in at the deep end and I have to prove to myself and to others that I can handle it.', Kuurmaa tells about her personality and explains 'Because I didn’t grow up with the Finnish television, there was no Finnish language for me that I could learn from. However, I’m a dab hand in languages. Finnish crew was very helpful and everyone was caring. I had got the text, I had learned it clearly and I did it. When I was practicing the dialogues, I had one local person who was correcting me everytime I mispronounced something.'
'Actually, I didn’t have to speak like a real Finn- after all, I was impersonating an Estonian and my accent could have been a bit “wild”.'

If in the plan there was that shooting would start at 8 o’clock in the morning and it would end at 6 o’clock in the evening, so it was. Estonian films are shot as long as the light is on and they are also more spontaneous. In Finland they don’t let people get overtired.', Lenna describes.

At the end she says: 'I got to know Finnish language well enough to understand a little, but still not much. For example, if the director discussed some details with operators or other actors, I often had to ask “What?” and look at them with big eyes. Then the director explained everything to me in English and there was no problem. But outside the set it was a bit tiring. I had to listen carefully to figure out what is exactly going on.'

Watch the result of Lenna's adventure in Finnland below!


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