Freitag, September 30, 2011

Katrin's Initiative

Yesterday on September 29, 2011 the Vanilla Ninja keyboarder and Lindakivi Culture Center director, Katrin Siska, who was involved in politics, started an initiative against the raising prizes in Estonia since the new standard currency of Europe, the Euro, has been introduced in Estonia this year.

Some time ago Katrin has already given her statement about the Euro (Club VN informed you about it) which wasn't really positive. When we asked her how she feels about getting the new currency at the end of the last year she replied to us: "[...]I am a bit sad that we are losing our beautiful "kroon" money in the beginning of next year and it is horrible to see that prices in the shops are already getting more and more expensive... For example food. [...]"

Ei Hinnatõusule (Engl.: The prizes won't raise) her project was called and took place in the old town of the European capital of culture, Tallinn, from 11.30 am 12.00 am (GTM+2) in the form of a demonstration.

About the event Katrin says:
"Thank you! I believe we made clear for the politicians that something has to be done against the prizes. :)"

It is worth watching the photogallery on  Elu24 !

Many thanks to Katrin for the news! :)

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