Dienstag, Dezember 27, 2011

Vanilla Ninja 2011

One more year has passed.
In a few days we can welcome the year of Vanilla Ninja's 10-year-anniversary.

Even though the band is having a rest it has not been completely quiet.
Let us remind you on Vanilla Ninja in 2011:


- After contesting against each other in 2010 Piret and Lenna were the hosts of this years Eesti Laul.
- We have cleared why Deutschrock.de doesn't sell VN fan stuff anymore.

- Piret and Lenna were to see in the black comedy 'Kormoranid Ehk Nahkpükse Ei Pesta'

- After the girls were to see in the Estonian movie screens the DVD has been available in Estonia.
- Lenna and Katrin attented to the Hair Fusion Show.

- The VN Portaal asked the girls about their plans in summer.

- Once again we reminded the fans of two Vanilla Ninja pages on Facebook they should join.

 - Us, Club VN, planned a more or less big project for the girl's 10-year-anniversary. We recommand you to join it. Deadline: Febuary 6th, 2012.
- We asked Katrin about a third Vanilla Ninja ice-cream.

- The VN girls, Lenna, Piret and Katrin, has been calling their fans for help, through the VN Portaal.
They have planned a big project. Deadline: January 31st, 2012.
- We've asked VN's manager, Hector Faune, about a statement on the band and the girls.

All the faithful Vanilla Ninja fans are expecting a lot in the next year. We are informed that quite a lot is in work, a concert, a show and probably a fan-meeting.
Let's keep exciting and hopeful.

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