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Triinu Talks: The Truth About Her Abadoning

Today the Swiss magazine BLICK [Engl.: View] released an article about the ex-Vanilla Ninja, Triinu Kivilaan, who had replaced Maarja Meriste-Kivi (now known as the metal singer Marya Roxx) as bassist and singer in 2004 and left the band at the beginning of 2006.

In the two-sided article Triinu talks about her time with Vanilla Ninja, the reason why she left the band and the reason why she doesn't have contact with the girls.
'We had a really tough management behind us that urged us to perform, even if we were sick. We often drank a lot of whiskey so that we could sing at all.', Triinu tells about her management, which was led by the Swiss David Brandes, who lost the court case against Vanilla Ninja because of chart-fraud.
But he did not only lie with that but also with Triinus age. As the German magazine YAM! noticed Estonian sources wrote a completly other date of Triinu's birth than the German ones. Õhtuleht and Triinu confirmed that her manager made her two years older so that the (at that time) 15-year young talent could also be allowed to perform in discos at late times.

'The stress was too big. I had a burn-out.', Triinu names as reason for her adadoning. Whoever believed in the rumors that she left Lenna, Piret and Katrin because she had a fight with them will be proofed wrong. She isn't able to contact the girls because '(last) year I lost my phone. That was a sign for me to end my past.', she explains.

Of course she never regrets the time as a star. 'I bought a big house in Estonia for my parents and traveled a lot. But I loved Switzerland most.'

Would she try to contact the girls if she could?
A fact is that fans still remember Triinu 'that often happens to me in Estonia that people look at me as at a stranger and talk to me about Vanilla Ninja. I often find that's funny.'

Triinu really has ended her past. After a little solocareer in 2008 with the album Now And Forever and the three hits Fallen, Be With You and Is It Me she is dedicated to languages now ' I've learned German in 4 months in a migrant-class almost flawless.', she tells laughing.

Today she lives in Pratteln a town in the German Switzerland with her boyfriend Giovanni. She has a job in Pratteln BI as sales advisor. 'Since I've lived there I want to stay here forever.', she says about her 'new' home.

Triinu has learned something very valuable from all what she experienced so far. 'I know how quick you can get at the very top. And how fast everything is over. All the more I enjoy every moment as if it was the last one.'

Check out the whole article and the making of the photoshooting, which was accompanied by the song 'Cool Vibes', the song Triinu performed with Vanilla Ninja representing Switzerland and reaching the 8th place at the Eurovision Song Contest then in Kiev; Ukraine in 2005, on Triinu's Facebook page .
'It was a great feeling to be allowed to represent Switzerland at the Eastern bloc'

Source: Triinu

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