Samstag, Mai 12, 2012

Back to School

Lately Katrin Siska who is now the head of the biggest culture centre of Tallinn, the Lindakivi Culture Center, talked to the Estonian fashion magazine Buduaar [Engl.: Boudoir] and remembered her schooldays.

From her official biography we know that Katrin was Piret's classmate and a very, very good student. "At school I liked music, arts, maths and languages - Estonian, Russian, English and German language.", says Katrin who speaks also French and learns Spanish.
As a good student Katrin liked almost everything at school the only thing which annoyed her was IT because of her teacher. She remembers: "I didn't like IT, because of teacher. IT teacher was an old sweaty man, who smoked and didn't hear properly. Every time someone asked something he came really close to explain it. That's why noone didn't want to aske anything."
This is understandable for Katrin who generally doen't and doesn't like to smoke.

Source: Buduaar

Mittwoch, Mai 09, 2012

Piret and 'Miss Dior'

As you have already get to know Piret is one of the main reporters of ETV's 'Pealtnägija' [Engl.: Eye-Witness].

In today's episode you can watch another interesting case of Piret. She will report an Estonian woman who works at the very famous and luxary French fashion label [Christian] Dior [designer John Galliano].

You can watch it on the internet on ETV's live-stream or on Estonian television on 20.05 pm [UTC+2]

Watch the teaser here.

Source: Vanilla Ninja

Video 'Blinded'

Some days ago we informed you that Vanilla Ninja's first bassist and singer Maarja who is now known as the solo artist Marya Roxx was working on a video for her single 'Blinded'. On Monday the video premiere took place in her new home Los Angeles, California.
Since then you have been able to check out the video.

On her official page you can download the video and the audio!
All you need to do is to add your name and e-mail address!

Hope you like it just like we do! :)

Source: Marya Roxx

Donnerstag, Mai 03, 2012

Galapagai 2012

Today the Vanilla Ninja fans have been informed about a Lithuanian festival named 'Galapagai' which will as well take place this year again.

VN-LT-Fan from the crew among others has already tried to get Vanilla Ninja to the perform at this festival, too. So far there has neither anything been confirmed nor denied but he is not only asking the VN-management for help but also you!

How can you help? - It's easy, if you're registered on Facebook, go and like Galapagai's page and write on their timeline 'We want Vanilla Ninja in festival Galapagai/Rock Nights' of course you can add anything else you want with it.

With lot's of hope, optimism and holding together we might see VN not on only live at Pestivals but also there at Galapagai!
So help and share the information!

Thanks to VN-LT-Fan for the news! :)

Mittwoch, Mai 02, 2012

Lenna at 'Jüri Üdi Klubi'

On Monday April 30 Lenna was a guest in the Estonian Jüri Üdi Klubi [Engl.: St. George Medulla Club] which was released on ETV and ETV2. It was the first time she appeared in a TV show since the Eesti Laul and her voice problems.
She gave an interview in the introduction of the show.
Watch the whole interview on Bigproblem11's Dailymotion-channel.

Source: Bigproblem11

Pestivals Commercial

Since Vanilla Ninja at Pestivals and the event itsself have been announced we just can recommand you to follow them on Facebook.

There are lots of important information about the event
and opportunities to win tickets or to get them cheaper than normal.
Lately Pestivals released the commercial for the event.
Check it out below, like if you haven't and try not to miss it on JULY 28th!!

Expressions Summer 2012

The Estonian accessoiry-shop Expression which has had Lenna as campagn model since winter 2010 announced their summer collection. That means that there are new photos with Lenna online. Check them out on Expressions' gallery.

Watch the making of the shooting below:

Source: Expressions

'Blinded' Video Premiere

Some time ago we informed you about Marya Roxx working on a video for her song-cover, the ballade 'Blinded'.

Now she  has finally announced the video premiere and invites you to be on place!

Where: Saint Felix Hollywood, 1602 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.
When: Monday May 7, 7pm-10pm [GTM-7]

Source: Marya Roxx