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Lenna talks about her Cooperations

Since the Vanilla Ninja girl, Lenna Kuurmaa, has started her solo-career in 2009 she has worked together with many Estonian artists 'I’m a happy person – I was given a chance to cooperate with almost all my favourite artists. Such projects are being born when both artists show a great interest and respect for each other's music', she says.

One of her first duets were with the famous and poplar musician Ott Lepland, who has won the Estonian verion of American Idol, Eesti Otsib Superstaari.
Last Christmas time they went on the tour Pühad on Saabunud Linna [Engl.: The Saint one returned to the city.] through Estonia and presented their mutual song Sinuni [Engl.: Until You]. Ott Lepland explains his choice like this: 'I think Lenna is one of the best female vocalists. Lenna listened to the melody,liked it and said "Let’s do it!"'.

Lennas band which is called like her is maned by a plenty of famous Estonian musicians for example Mihkel Raud who is one of the highest men in the Estonian music business. He replaced Lenna's ex-guitarist, Robert Vaigla, about one month ago. But also before that Lenna hat a lot to do with him 'He has inspired me a lot through the years. I’ve always listened to his advice and opinion about my music. He’s a great musician and I’m happy to see him in my band.', she says. 'An artist must have the power and this feeling that he wants to do something for the others. And Mihkel has had this feeling for a long time – this is why I haven’t regreted asking him to join my band even for just a second.'

Lenna's lastest duet takes part with her good friend and the well-known Estonian artist Märt Avandi with whom she has been going on the tour Kui Vari Kaob, Siis Valgus Jääb.
'We discussed our co-operation because of different reasons and at different times.', Kuurmaa explains and goes on 'Together with Riivo Kallasmaa we thought of co-operation with Märt- we wondered who would like to take part in our tour – someone interesting and someone we hadn’t worked with before. Märt was a great choice.' at the end she adds 'Estonian songs are beautiful and very dear for both of us.'
Moreover she explains about her partner '"We want Märt!" – Märt is a very good friend of mine and we have a great communication on the stage, so that’s why we decided to make a tour together.', which was fully prepared by themselves.

Lenna has cooperated with the best Estonian male artists, but what about female artists, which Estonia has so many of?
'For sure it would be a very sexy and rocky female band with huge power, but I believe that these times had already passed for me.' - we know she is alluding to the times with Vanilla Ninja.
'But Estonian music world showed that even high-profile female duets don’t catch much attention. I’ve heard that Birgits (Õigemeel and Varjun) made a song together, but it went past me. But I don’t think about female duets in a bad way. For me it would be interesting to co-operate with Heidy Tamme or Iiris Vesik. People still want to hear the classical duets.', she explains her opinion.

Source: Love Ninjas

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