Sonntag, Februar 26, 2012

Eesti Laul 2012

We informed you about the first Eesti Laul semifinal which took place last week.

Yesterday the 2nd semifinal was transmitted on ETV on 21.35 [GTM+2]. Lenna was the 2nd one who performed her song 'Mina Jään' [Engl.: I stay]. When she was interviewed by Piret she said that she is full of engergy.
It was hoped and expected that the host Piret Järvis would have worn another beautiful twelve dresses but she wore one of the dresses from the first semifinal. She explained on Facebook and Ringvaade that she liked that one very much.

The five contestants whomade it to the Eesti Laul final on the coming Saturday March, 3rd are:

Lenna - 'Mina Jääan'

Traffic - 'NASA'

Birgit Õigemeel & Violina - 'You're Not Alone'

Teele Viira - 'City Nights'

Tenfold Rabbit - 'Oblivion'

Lenna's, favourite acts Mimicry, Orelipoiss and Malcolm Lincoln didn't come further.

Re-watch the whole show here and Lenna's performance below. Photos on Delfi (Delfi 2) and Elu24.

We're looking forward to a great final on Saturday! Meet you at the place and same time!

Source: VN Portaal

Montag, Februar 20, 2012

Triinu's Answers to the Questions

Not long ago we informed you about a fan-interview with the ex-VN bassist Triinu Kivilaan arranged by the Estonian VN Portaal. Today Triinu's answers have been published.

How often do you visit Estonia? Has your boyfriend Sandro been there too? (What kind of work does he?)
I don't visit Estonia often. Regulary once in a year. Last Sunday (Febuary 19th) we came back from Estonia. Sandro has been there for the first time. He works in the informatical science field he's an IT-specialist.

You currently live in Switzerland, what kind of job do you have?
Me, myself I do work in a shoe-boutique.

Do you plan to work in the field somehow again?
I'm still fully connected with the music.. I don't believe that the will, effort and time is enough to make something.

How many years have you lived in Switzerland and why did you decide to move there?
Now I have lived here for five years. Some things are still different which I like. The people here are always very are open, very obliging. As well the countryside is very good, after all it's a mountainious area. It is also a very good place to find a destination here.

Do you feel like you fully belong to Switzerland, where Vanilla Ninja has been popular for the Eurovision?
All alone I'm more unknown. Maybe rarely people come to their minds and recognize that I've ever sang. But I'm thankful to Vanilla Ninja. Most of the people here know VN.

What do you think of some fan-sites still supporting and writing about you? How much are you still interested in these fan-sites?
Oih... Here I really don't know what to answer because try not to visit these sites because I want to leave my story of life behind me.

How is your sister doing Kerli and how about the little Markus?
Kerli is soon going to graduate school and she is going to go on learning in Tartu (she wants to study law if I'm not informed wrongly). Well Markus is only a little sweetie and goes to school. Currently he's still in the kindergarden. Both are doing well!:)

Which are your favourite song from your soloalbum and which VN songs did you ever like?
I don't want to list them. There have been many favourites... but I don't believe that I will listen to them very often again.

Which music are you listening to? Who are your favourite artists? Name some of songs which you like at the moment!

I listen to the following songs:
Schiller & Nadia Ali - Try
Aura Dione - Friends
Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and sand
Sting - Desert Rose
White Apple Tree - Snowflakes
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance
These are some example. Of course I listen to every kind of music.

When did you meet (at least one of) VN girls?
I didn't meet any of the VN girls. I neither have their telephone number nor any kind of contact. None of us feels to miss somebody. It's better like this:)

Greetings Triinu K.

The VN Portaal and of course us thank everyone who took part at the fan-interview!

Source: VN Portaal

Sonntag, Februar 19, 2012

Eesti Laul 2012

As we informed you Piret hosts the Eesti Laul semifinals this year again this time with Mait Malmsteni. Yesterday you were able to watch the first semifinal on ETV if you have Estonian TV or on the internet on ETV's live-stream on 21.35 pm [GTM+2]. The repetition of the show was shown today at the same place on 13.30 pm [GTM+2].

We could see that Piret didn't disappoint us and once again has done a great job as host. Apart from that she has worn twelve beautiful and extravagant dresses during the show just as we expected. You can watch the photos on Ninjadiary's gallery.

You can always re-watch the Eesti Laul semifinal on ETV's site.

The first five finalists are:

August Hunt - Tantsulõvi [Engl.: Dancing-lion]

Loss Paranoias - Valedetektori [Engl.: Lie-detector]

Ott Lepland - Kuula [Engl.: Listen]

Liis Lemsalu - Made Up My Mind

Pop Maniacs - I Don't Know

Don't miss the second semifinal with Piret and Lenna this Saturday, Febuary 25th! Same place, same time!

Piret had an interview with he Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht, where she talks about the 1st semifinal and herself changing her dresses.

Freitag, Februar 17, 2012

Vote For Piret #2

Every week the Estonian radio Sky Plus asks its visitors which Estonian celebrity has the more beautiful face.

About two weeks ago you had the choice between Piret Järvis and Laura Kõrgemäe (result Piret has won). This week you can vote for Piret having the more beautiful face again. Her opponment this time is Siret Rüüberg.

Source: Caroline

Dienstag, Februar 14, 2012

Piret Hosts the Eesti Laul Semifinals

Having hosted the semifinals and final of the 'Eesti Laul 2011' together with her band-mate Lenna Kuurmaa, Piret Järvis showed that she did a great job so that she will be the host of this year's 'Eesti Laul' semifinals.

Piret realized that she prefers peace of mind and that she is rather interested in leading the competition. "It is much more comfortable next to the racetrack and to let others compete with this year's semifinalists under the spotlight and the stage. Me, I was asked a following time to administer the show, that was such a big compliment for me that I didn't have to be asked twice.", she says.

"I'm among the participants of the "Eesti Laul" every year, I always see new artists or find and recognize old ones.", adds the host, who thinks that the 'Eesti Laul' is in a good position in the local music scene.

Last year Piret wore extravagant dresses as remember. This year she will be dressed by the fashion-artists Britt Samoson so we may expect new beautiful eye-catching dresses.

This year Piret will host the semi-finals together with the musician Mait Malmsteni.

Another good reason not to miss the 'Eesti Laul 2012' which will be on Febuary 18th, Febuary 25th and March 3rd in the Nokia concerthall on 21.35 pm [GTM+2]!

Source: Delfi

Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2012

Questions To Triinu

The Estonian Vanilla Ninja source VN Portaal caught the former Vanilla Ninja bass-guitarist and singer Triinu Kivilaan for a little fan-interview.

Is there something (or something more) you always wanted to ask Triinu? Rumors you wanted to have cleared or something you wanted Triinu to answer personally? Send your question(s) to VNP's e-mail address .

If you need some time to think about it, no problem you can send your question(s) to the VNP until Febuary 20th, 2012.
The best, most interesting and most catchy question will then be send to Triinu and be answered by her!

Source: VN Portaal

Montag, Februar 06, 2012

EMA 2012

On Febuary 2nd the Estonian Music Awards one of the most important music events in Estonia took part in the Nokia Concerthall in the capital Tallinn. After having got four awards last year Lenna Kuurmaa hosted the event this year together with her partner Mihkel Raud.

We informed you that Lenna got styled by the Tallinn Dolls designer Karolin Kuusik see the result of the prepartions and photos from the gala in our partnersite Ninjadiary's gallery and as promised the whole event on TV3 if you missed it or want to see it again.

Apart from that you can watch something else, Lenna had little projection from her comrades-in-arms: she had perform her Eesti Laul song 'Mina Jään' on the stage of the Nokia Concerthall before the beginning of the contest.
Click here to see the photos of her performance and watch it below:

Last but not least you can watch the interview Lenna gave to the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht.

Video 'Naked Harbour'

We've lately informed you that the Vanilla Ninja girl, Lenna Kuurmaa as well takes part in the soundtracks of her new film 'Vuosaari' [Engl.: Naked Harbour]. She sings one of the 'Vuosaari'-soundtracks. The name of the song is 'Naked Harbour' like the movie itsself and sang in English.

Thanks to our partnersite Ninjadiary we can watch the music video and listen to the original version of the song. Check it out below:

Happy Birthday, Piret!

The days are cold and we are freezing outside but there is a shining star who fulfills us with warmth and happiness today...

Piret Järvis celebrates her 28th birthday today as we all know and share the happiness of her special day. We wish her all and only the best from this world. May all her dreams and wishes become true and her smile never miss from her face and the shine in her eyes always be there.

Palju palju õnne sünnipäevaks, kallis Piret! :) ♥

Freitag, Februar 03, 2012

Piret the Beautiful

Last week we told you about a poll on the Estonian Radio Sky Plus site, "Who has the more beautiful face: Laura or Piret?".

We're happy to inform you this week that Piret Järvis has won the poll with a mijority of 51% (1948 votes).

We and surely Piret are happy about everyone who voted for her! :)

It has been prooved that Piret is and keeps being the beauty.

Mittwoch, Februar 01, 2012


Eesti Laul Favourites:

Last week the Estonian source Delfi asked its readers who of the 20 Eesti Laul contestants is their favourite one. The Vanilla Ninja girl Lenna Kuurmaa and her song 'Mina Jään' [Engl.: I stay] is chosen as number from the whole but number one as female contestant. The Estonian musician Ott Lepland is the number one. Lenna and Ott are followed by Birgit Õigemeel Feat. Violina, Pop Maniacs and Liis Lemsalu.

The two semifinals are on Febuary 18 and Febuary 25 to see on ETV. Lenna will perform on the 2nd semifinal.

Source: Delfi

Jussi Gala:

On Sunday January 29, 2012 Lenna attented to the Jussi Gala in the Finnish capital Helsinki where her new film Vuosaari [Engl.: Naked Harbour] was presented.
Lenna herself performed a song in English which is one of the Vuosaari soundtracks.

Thanks to Ninjadiary for the video!

EMA's 2012:

As we informed you Lenna and her partner Mihkel Raud will moderate the EMA's 2012 tomorrow on Febuary 2, 2012.
For such an important event Lenna gets styled by one of Estonia's best designers Karolin Kuusik from Tallinn Dolls in
Riina Põldroos' fashion atelier. There are many dresses but from the EMA's Lenna gets only three to choose between.
Click here to watch Lenna's experience with the stylist (fotos and a video).

Source: Delfi