Samstag, März 31, 2012

Happy Birthday, Triin-Ketlin!

As it is said "better later than never" and so we want to congratulate Katrin's little sister Triin-Ketlin who became 22 years old on Tuesday March 27th and wish her all the best!

Palju õnne sünnipäevaks!

Freitag, März 30, 2012

Piret and Kalle in a Relationship Again?

At the beginning of the new year we had to informed you that Piret Järvis and her fiancé drummer Kallervo Karu take a break from their relationship. Now it seems that they are together again.

We remind you that everything got clarified in January when Kallervo changed is relationship status on his Facebook page from "in a relationship with" to "single". The two of them explained that they need to refresh their relationship with this break. Even though they kept their tattoos which is supposed to be the sign of their engagement. Apart from that the couple still has plans to marry in the future.
Even in August, when Piret firstly began to spend lots of time with the Shelton San singer Valter Nõmm, there were rumors that Piret would have had a relationship with him, as the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht wrote. Piret annulled these rumors and explained that it's only a business coorporation between the two of them.

The Estonian magazine Kroonika writes that Piret and Kallervo were seen at a beautiful dinner in the restaurant Põhja-Tallinna Rimis.
Now Piret additionally says that during this period her fiancé and her didn't have any arguments and that it looks like they are in a relationship again. "We get along greatly with each other!", she says.

Sources: Õhtuleht, Kroonika

Watch Piret on Terevisioon

As we informed you Piret is supposed to host the Estonian morning-show Terevisioon on ETV. Yesterday on March 29th Piret was firstly introduced as host.

Watch her below:

Source: Terevisioon

Mittwoch, März 28, 2012

Piret Hosts Terevisioon

The Vanilla Ninja girl Piret Järvis is perfectly familar with the hosting job and the ETV studios so she was chosen to replace Katrin Viirpalu during her vacation period on the ETV morning-show 'Terevisioon' [Engl.: Hellovision]. She will be seen on the week of April 2nd together with the co-host Urmas Vaino.

Source: Elmo Küttim

Lenna's Car in Auction:

On Monday, March 26th it was published that Lenna's car the Renault Mégane Coupé will be auctionned tomorrow on March 29th at the City Motors (Staadioni 1, 10132 Tallinn, Estonia) on 14.00 pm [GTM+2] for a opening-prize of 1 €. The reason is that the City Motors will give Lenna a bigger car. The administrator Airi Rätsep explains: "Lenna Kuurmaa is an excellent singer who brought us a successful development we want to make contribution."

Lenna is happy about this and says: "I'm truely grateful to the City Motors, that they lend me a hand according to the car. I hope that our cooperation will be great and successful."

Source: Ninja Portaal

Montag, März 12, 2012

Support for the Teachers

On Thursday, March 8th 2012 (World Women's Day) the city council of Tallinn organized a rally in order to support the teachers, where quite a lot of people attended to. Among others there were Erich "Women are crazy" Krieger, Peeter "Brush reporter" Võsa, Priit "printing as long as I can" Toobal and Katrin "Umbrella stand" Siska. These expression were given as nicknames to them.

The aid-mayor Mihhail Kõlvart and the chairman of the Central Party Kalle Klandorf had been on place as well. The photos were taken by the star-photographer and former host of Star-Tallinn TV Meelis Tomson.

The meeting was introduced by the Estonian hymn, which was introduced by the women's favourite Erich Krieger. After the change of the atomasphere into a relaxed one the best pieces of human repertoire could be heard.

It is said that about 350 people attended to the rally, even those who don't work in the city council.

Watch the video here.

Source: Delfi

Mittwoch, März 07, 2012

BELATED NEWS: Lenna the 2nd

On Saturday March 3rd Estonia chose its contesting song and accompaning artist for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 which will take place in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

Ott Lepland whom we got to know from Lenna's 2010 tour 'Pühad on Saabunud Linna' [Engl.: The Saint one has returned to the town] and his song 'Kuula' [Engl.: Listen] could make it against nine others.
Lenna was the 2nd again, this time with her song 'Mina Jään' [Engl.: I stay]. She and Ott have been the two favourite contestants so we informed you and both made it to the two best places.

Congratulations! Hopefully he will not disappoint us!

What do you think of the song? Do you think it has a chance? Who was your favourite?

Piret was one of the main hosts again. She was in the green room with the ten contestants.

Samstag, März 03, 2012

Lenna talks about her Outfit

Last week Lenna attented to the yearly presdential-reception again. Just like the last year she wore a dress by the Estonian designer Pille Küngas. She chose a audacious combination of a cold-coloured dress and orange shoes and explains to the women's magazine Naisteleht why.

'The shoes were my own courageous decision, you can say. I talked to Pille about it and she wasn't sure if this would be a loss at such an important event.', Lenna Kuurmaa says.

She goes on telling that this audacious idea came suddenly. 'But this dress itself was so romantic, airy, bright, pure and light so I wanted the 'break-in' there to set something completly different to impress. I still wanted the colour in there.'

'It is also logical saying that the shoes were really bright, but I put in pastell orange and I also painted my fingernails in the same coulour.'

Source: Delfi

Donnerstag, März 01, 2012

Lenna talks about Finland

'I like Finland and Finnish people a lot', says Lenna Kuurmaa to the Estonian fashion magazine Mood [Engl.: Fashion] who has spent a lots of time there during the last year mainly because of her new film 'Vuosaari' [Engl.: Naked Harbour] by Aku Louhimies. Which arrived belated to the Estonian cinema-screens.

Louhimies, about who there was a false rumour that Lenna and he would have a relationship, is also the director of her 'Eesti Laul' contesting song 'Mina Jään' [Engl.: I Stay].
'Many people wonder, how Louhimies came as director of my video, but it's another confirm, that if you believe in the goodness of people around you and these people believe in you then you can also do things without big money and budget. Not that people around you should work for free, but good deeds find their way in a circle. Always.', says Lenna about her cooperation with Louhimies.

Source: Delfi

Happy Birthday, Renee!

Today we don't only welcome the new month but we also have reasons to congratulate Marya's husband and Vanilla Ninja's first manager Renee Meriste who celebrates his 37th birthday.

We wish him all the best for the new year of live!

Palju palju õnne, sünnipäevaks! :)