Montag, September 12, 2011

Project (Club) Vanilla Ninja 2012

Less than 3 months have been left to the year 2012. The year when the most famous and popular Estonian girl rock band known as Vanilla Ninja will have its ten year anniversary.
We don't know what is planned by the Ninja girls in 2012 as the three members as their are busy with own projects (Lenna with her singing career, Piret at TV and Katrin as the head on the big cultureal center Lindakivi).
But we know that the Vanilla Ninja supporters are having big projects: The Love Ninjas  crew has asked their visitors if they would join a fan-meeting in Estonia in summer 2012, the voting has shown that 83% are willing to join the fan-meeting.
Of course us from Club Vanilla Ninja are planning something, too and we want you to join.
We want to make a big photoalbum for the Ninja girls which includes fotos them with you(!) (their beloved fans).
Of course we know that not all of you have had the chance to meet the girls yet, in case you don't have such a photo you can take photos with you and your Vanilla Ninja stuff. We would also like to see photos of the Ninjas supporting your Vanilla Ninja page!
The goal we want to reach is to make the Ninjas remember about their fans and that we believe in them as a band!
You can send us the photos on our Facebook account or via mail on
We are looking forward to your photos.
Deadline is FEBUARY 6th 2012!

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