Dienstag, November 29, 2011

Hector Faune talks about Vanilla Ninja

Some time ago, we asked the manager of the most successful and popular girl rock band of the baltic side, Vanilla Ninja, for a statement on the band on the whole and the three girls in detail.

Read below what Hector Faune told us about...

Vanilla Ninja is a very special mixture of personalities, talent and beauty. It´s very hard to find such a mixture in an artist nowadays, it´s even harder to find 3 talented girls that makes some good rock music. I was always positive thinking that Vanilla Ninja can rock out this world, they have all what´s needed to go very very far...

Lenna is as sweet as a candy. She haves an artistic soul, always wanting to make things perfect. She also wants to feed all the homeless puppies she find, she laughs hard and smile with her eyes. The expression of childness in her face when you see her happy says it all.
Defining Lenna in a sentence: Lenna´s a pure artist!


Piret is a very down to earth and very very intelligent lady. She speaks very fluent and politely on interviews, she´s obviously VN´s spoking side and she does it more than perfect!
She haves the ability to captivate all photographers & cameramen attention with the deepness of her blue eyes. It´s something I hardly saw with other artists.
Defining Piret in a sentence: She´s both beauty & intelligence.

Katrin is very special, she takes care of Lenna & Piret (VN) in every sense, she is a mind organizer, dress extremely well, her accessories speaks a little of how sophisticated and delicate Katrin is. She laughs hard, and she also laughs with her eyes. She writes it all, she´s always carrying VN ice cream & she knows we like the Vanilla flavour ;);)
Defining Katrin in a sentence: Katrin is a fashionista!

Huge thanks to Hector for dedicating some time for Club Vanilla Ninja and the whole Vanilla Ninja fans. :) 

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