Sonntag, September 11, 2011

Piret and Lenna in Mood

The Vanilla Ninja guitarist Piret Järvis has filled the cover story and the cover from August 2011 issue from the popular Estonian fashion magazine MOOD.
The main topics were her new job at TV, her relationship to her fiancé, Kallervo Karu, and of course her incluence and involvement in Estonian fashion world.
The detailed article based on an interview is five pages long and filled with many beautiful photos of Piret.
At the editorial of the magazine you can enjoy one more photo of her, as well.

Piret has been photographed by the famous Estonian photographer, Maiken Staak. It took place at the Greece island, Kreta.
Us from Club Vanilla Ninja got ourselves the magazine and we have to say it is worth buying! If you missed it you can read and see the whole article here. Thanks to Suurprobleem who scanned the whole article and uploaded it.

One month after we could look Piret in MOOD we can now enjoy her mate Lenna.
Different to Piret her article is only two pages long and she is not to see on the cover.
She told the magazine that she doesn't really experiment with make-up, except from the case when she tries a new film-role.
I believe I can live without most of the cosmetics, but I use mostly a peach blush, mascara and perfumes. she says, One thing I can’t avoid in my everyday make-up and which I call “beauty tabu” is a voluntary carbon black hair coloring.
Her favourite cosmectics brands are such as YvesSaintLaurent and Bourjois'.
Lenna doesn't tell her whole secret but she says the best compliment she ever got was: A few days ago I was told that “Lenna, your eyes are sun.”.

Source:  Love Ninjas

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