Donnerstag, Januar 19, 2012

Vanilla Ninja Concert Cancelled

Finally 2012 has come. The year we have all waited for so longing with lots of hopes and beliefs because it is the year of Vanilla Ninjas 10 year anniversary.

At the end of the passed year we informed you that the Lenna, Piret and Katrin have been planning two huge things to celebrate the band's anniversary together with their fans: a big concert in summer and a show with the videos of their fans.

Today a sad message reached us. The concert is cancelled as they Vanilla Ninja keyboardist Katrin wrote to the VN Portaal. She and her bandmates Piret and Lenna are too busy with their own projects so that they wouldn't manage to organize that event. Katrin herself writes that she is very sad about it. But she keeps being optimistic.
About the videos we can assure you that they will be used in a way! If not by the Ninja girls themselves then by the VN Portaal! DON'T WORRY ABOUT THAT!

There is much more hope we can tell you about: The Love Ninjas crew is still giving its very best to make the fan-meeting in the girls hometown Tallinn in midsummer they've mentionned real. Apart from that us from Club Vanilla Ninja are looking forward to get more and more photos from you with Piret, Katrin and Lenna for the photoalbum for the girls.

Let's not give up on  our beloved girls because of that. Let's stay true to them and be though enough together. They have always showed us that we are in their minds and hearts and with every released work they have prooved us their love.
Piret once explained in an interview with the FREE! magazine: "But you know, for ourselves we decided that we do not want to do the same thing right now. We need some change, but I think that after 3 or 5 years or so it would be nice to come back to the roots of the band."
All they have done was to please us.

When they talked about their band logo Piret said: "(...)It expresses all the things we went through, which other artists haven”t experienced. We started out from the very bottom and battled our way through to becoming famous and getting into the charts. It is like a crown for the text “Vanilla Ninja”.” and Lenna added: "(...)This part is also a sign for our music and for us being in the hearts of our fans.”

They have fought hard, very hard, we know that! And they haven't for sure fought to throw it all again one day. They will come back we just have to keep believing.

Love is just a war without them!

Source: VN Portaal

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