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Piret and Kalle Take a Little Break!

"It's an absolutely true story. It is true", confirms the drummer Kallervo Karu about the break up of his relationship with the musician and TV editor Piret Järvis as present solution. "We thought of taking a little break - so maybe in time our relationship would be renewed.", argues Kallervo who has been engaged with Piret since four years already.
The Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht informs about the story at first.

One more sign that the story is true is that Kallervo changed his relationshipstatus on Facebook from 'engaged' to 'single'.
Even though the engagement hasn't broken up. Kallervo believes that they will as well keep the sign of their engagement, a tattoo in shape of a circle which Piret has at her neck and Kallervo at the inner side of his  forearm. Even if the relationship is in a crisis they won't remove the tattoos: "We are not going to erase them. We leave and see what the times brings for us. Even if the ultimate decision will be negative I don't think that we will erase the tattoos. That's a good mind." At least it has been an important phase of their live.

No matter what happened both still keep their friendship. About two weeks ago they attended to the Aastahitt gala together and posed happily for the photographers. "Indeed we have had broken up a while before that but we decided to go there together.", Kallervo explains. "For five and a half years we have been together nonstop."

The wedding will be delayed

Let's remember about the beginning of Piret's and Kallervo's beautiful relationship.
They've met in the cold winter six years in December 2005 when Vanilla Ninja (then with Triinu) performed at the Saku arena where Slide-Fifty performed, too.
Two years later in 2007 they got engaged.

"Kalle asked me to meet him because of something very important. I thought that we go there without any big sense. Everything was so thouching, that I screamed and said "yes".", Piret remembers the very romantic moment. Kalle says it was very spontaneous: "To me there was a strong feeling. I had the thought that there was a good thing going on. I felt that I wanted to allow her - please I'm yours!"

They planned to marry abroad. "The wedding is designed in our taste. We're not that vain to have a big white marriage. We have many good friends with whom we would have a very happy celebration.", Kallervo finds. So the wedding will be delayed.

At the moment the two of them go different ways. Piret spends a lots of time with the disco- and rockband Shelton Stan singer and guitarist Valter Nõmme.

Thanks for Zuzia for informing us about the news! :)

Source:  Õhtuleht

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