Sonntag, Januar 22, 2012

EMA 2012

The Vanilla Ninja girl Lenna Kuurmaa who mainly works as one of Estonia's most popular and successful solo artists has already showed us that she is as well an excellent host. Last year in Febuary she was the host of the Eesti Laul together with her band mate Piret Järvis this year she will be the host of the Estonian Music Awards ( Eesti Muusikaauhinnad) together with her guitarist Mihkel Raud.

The EMAs also belong to one of those events which are unimagineable without the at least one of the Vanilla Ninja girls. Last year it has been shown how successful and popular Lenna is as she and her band have won four awards:
  • best female artist
  • best solo artist
  • best debutalbum
  • best song 
Don't miss the show in the Nokia Concerthall on Febuary 2nd, 2012! You can get tickets on Piletilevi and on Ticketpro for 15€-20€. If you are not able to attend then watch it on TV3.

Sources: VN Portaal, Love Ninjas

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