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Lenna at ETV

Recently the Vanilla Ninja girl Lenna Kuurmaa has appeared in two ETV shows:

On January 18, 2012 she was Terevisioon [Engl.: Hellovision] Morning show's guest where she firstly performed her song "Mina Jään" [Engl.: I stay] and talked about her band, the coming Eesti Laul and of course her song.

Watch her performance and interview below:


Yesterday evening we could watch Lenna at the show Kahekõne [Engl.: Dialogue]  where she gave an interview.
She caught four different topics in the in the show: Vanilla Ninja, her music and band, her film roles especiallz refered to her newest film Vuosaari [Engl.: Naked Harbour] and the Eesti Laul.
Lenna confirmed her band mate Katrin's message that the Vanilla Ninja members are all too busy at the moment to organize such a big event like a concert. Even though Lenna said something optimistic, the band might celebrate their 20-year anniversary. So Lenna doesn't write VN off. We as fans should do either. :)

About her band and her plans with the band Lenna said that she dreams to perform in foreign countries such as Germany where Vanilla Ninja's success was the biggest. We can interpret from this that Lenna misses the time when she performed elsewhere than in Estonia and we can assure her that her fans are waiting for her.
Maybe even this year her dream could be reality as she says to have some contacts in Germany.

Lenna has already performed on the stages of the Eurovision Song Contest (we remember Kiev in 2005 when Vanilla Ninja took the 8th place with Cool Vibes - then with Triinu Kivilaan - representing Switzerland) so the knows what's really going on.
"I have experienced the Eurovision, I know what is going on there's a big party of show, tralalala and circus but at the same time it is groovy and and fun, so why not participating again? Apart from that I haven't represented Estonia yet. I want to do it now.", Lenna says.

Watch the whole interview here.

Source: Vanilla Ninja Portaal

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