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IMPORTANT MEMORY: Interview with Maarja!

On Monday the 11th October 2010 Marya performed at the indoor market (Markthalle) in the northern German capital, Hamburg.

Club Vanilla Ninja was on location and had the chance to make a fan-interview, you all had the chance to join, with her.

Thanks to everyone who took part!

Read the interview below:

Club Vanilla Ninja: Can you imagine to join Vanilla Ninja again?
Marya Roxx: Well that's a difficult question, I don't know actually, they are all busy with their own projects and I'm deepened into my music, we have different music styles and I think I would keep on my own. But it's possible to record a song together.

CVN: How do you see VN at the moment and what do you think about them?
MR: I didn't have a lot of time to look what they're up to at the moment but I like their music. They're doing good jobs. I wish them all the best with that.

CVN: Did you watch Lenna's Film 'Kuhu Põgenevad Hinged'?
MR: Oh yes I really loved her style there. It was a great movie smile.gif

CVN: Can you imagine to release and sing songs in Estonian?
MR: Sure! If I get such an offer I will of course agree!

CVN: How old have you been when you wrote your first song?
MR: I was like three years old. My mum played chords on the piano and I picked up the words and made a song of them.

CVN: What do you think about Triinu Kivilaan? Have you ever met her?
MR: I have never met her, but I know she's making now her own music, right? I think she's a cool girl smile.gif

CVN: Why don't you like to be called Maarja?
MR: I don't have problems with that name but you know I'm now living in Los Angeles and there it would be pronounced like Maarja [English j] so Marya is easier that's why I took that type.

CVN: Do you plan to have more children?
MR: Definitely! Dora-Liisa is now six years old she likes to play with friends but she also wants to have siblings!

CVN: Would you like to represent Estonia or another country in the Eurovision Song Contest once again?
MR: As far as I've already taken part two times and already made the experiance I think that no, I won't.

CVN: Where from do you take the ideas from your top songs?
MR: Well 'Nothing Going On' is a cover, I think you don't know the original version, do you? I try to take unknown covers 'Time To Run' is also one of them, but for '21?!' for example I just write what's on my mind. I do it with all the songs I write, telling about experiances of my life...

CVN: Is it stressful for you being mother, wife and famous at once?
MR: As far as we have my parents and my husband's parents at home in L.A. it's not. They're taking good care of Dora-Liisa and we also have our friends who help us smile.gif If I took her with me she would just be bored and had to wait for me all the time. She has all her friends in L.A. so I better leave her at home. But you know Skype? During the tours I always skype with her so we stay in conhtact biggrin.gif

CVN: Is there something in your life you regret and what you would like to change?
MR: No! I am happy with my life it made me who I am now and I could collect all the experiance I have now, so no smile.gif

CVN: Is there a country you alwas wanted to visit (i.e. for giving a concert) but never could for some reason?
MR: I always wanted to visit Australia a lot, because they are also much into rock there and I think it would be great to give a concert there!

CVN: What do you like best about Germany? smile.gif
MR [Laughs and smiles]: When I come to Germany it's as if I'd return home, you know, it's like a home far away from home and I always like being here, because I also lived here some time and also speak the language a little bit.

CVN: Do you watch the Eesti Laul or the ESC?
MR: I didn't have the time to watch them but I check out the songs on the internet. I haven't checked out the songs from this year yet but I know Piret and Lenna took part, and last year as well Piret as some kind of guitarist.

CVN: How often do you travel to Estonia and how often do you meet your ex-band-mates?
MR: I can't be very often in Estonia because of my work but always if I'm there we're going out on a drink or meet on parties.

CVN: What do you miss most about the time with VN?
MR: I miss everything it was great with them.

Best thanks you for the interview Marya! And as well for the support! YOU ROCK biggrin.gif

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