Montag, November 14, 2011

Maarja's New Activity

Just like her ex-mates, the former Vanilla Ninja singer and bass-guitarist, Maarja Meriste-Kivi, who is now better known as the solomusician Marya Roxx, has found herself an activity she loves to do apart from being a musician.

Since autumn she has been teaching music voluntary at an Estonian school in her (more or less) new home, Los Angeles, where she has lived for years with her husband, the music manager, Renee Meriste, and their mutual sever-year-old daughter, Dora-Liisa.

The ex-Vanilla Ninja solist tells: In signing lesson we have with everybody together, younger and older, boys and girls up to year 14, alltogether 20 people!

She goes on telling: The Los Angeles Estonian school takes place twice a month and my daughter Dora-Liisa goes there for the second year. The local training program is organized by local Estonian volunteers, and they invite me to help them!

Maybe Dora-Liisa is also dreaming of a music career like her mother.

Many many thanks to Kunnar K. and Diana A. for helping with the translation :)

Source: Publik [Shortened version from the Õhtuleht article]

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