Donnerstag, Oktober 06, 2011


The Vanilla Ninja girl, Lenna Kuurmaa, relessed a new song together with the Estonian actor, singer and guitarist, Märt Avandi, whom she will go on tour with and perform in 9 Estonian cities; Viimsi, Türi, Haapsalu, Mustvee, Tartu, Pärnu, Käina, Kuressaare and the European capital of culture 2011, Tallinn, in November.
On their tour Kui Vari Kaob, Siis Valgus Jääb (Engl.: When shadows go, light stays) they will perform a number of famous Estonian songs for example Tõuse Üles Ja Läheme Ära (Engl.: Get Up And Let's Leave), Sind otsides (Engl.: Looking For You), Saatus naerdes homse toob (Engl.: Laughing Is The Fate Of Tomorrow), which we already know from her very successful movie Kuhu Põgenevad Hinged (Engl.: Where Souls Go), and Tule Kui Leebe Tuul (Engl.: Come Like A Gentle Wind), which is originally sang by Henry Laks, but because of the tour the two of them wanted to have their own version of the ballad.
We hope you like the song as much as we do :) Listen to it below!

Source: Love Ninjas

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