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Triinu's Answers to the Questions

Not long ago we informed you about a fan-interview with the ex-VN bassist Triinu Kivilaan arranged by the Estonian VN Portaal. Today Triinu's answers have been published.

How often do you visit Estonia? Has your boyfriend Sandro been there too? (What kind of work does he?)
I don't visit Estonia often. Regulary once in a year. Last Sunday (Febuary 19th) we came back from Estonia. Sandro has been there for the first time. He works in the informatical science field he's an IT-specialist.

You currently live in Switzerland, what kind of job do you have?
Me, myself I do work in a shoe-boutique.

Do you plan to work in the field somehow again?
I'm still fully connected with the music.. I don't believe that the will, effort and time is enough to make something.

How many years have you lived in Switzerland and why did you decide to move there?
Now I have lived here for five years. Some things are still different which I like. The people here are always very are open, very obliging. As well the countryside is very good, after all it's a mountainious area. It is also a very good place to find a destination here.

Do you feel like you fully belong to Switzerland, where Vanilla Ninja has been popular for the Eurovision?
All alone I'm more unknown. Maybe rarely people come to their minds and recognize that I've ever sang. But I'm thankful to Vanilla Ninja. Most of the people here know VN.

What do you think of some fan-sites still supporting and writing about you? How much are you still interested in these fan-sites?
Oih... Here I really don't know what to answer because try not to visit these sites because I want to leave my story of life behind me.

How is your sister doing Kerli and how about the little Markus?
Kerli is soon going to graduate school and she is going to go on learning in Tartu (she wants to study law if I'm not informed wrongly). Well Markus is only a little sweetie and goes to school. Currently he's still in the kindergarden. Both are doing well!:)

Which are your favourite song from your soloalbum and which VN songs did you ever like?
I don't want to list them. There have been many favourites... but I don't believe that I will listen to them very often again.

Which music are you listening to? Who are your favourite artists? Name some of songs which you like at the moment!

I listen to the following songs:
Schiller & Nadia Ali - Try
Aura Dione - Friends
Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky and sand
Sting - Desert Rose
White Apple Tree - Snowflakes
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance
These are some example. Of course I listen to every kind of music.

When did you meet (at least one of) VN girls?
I didn't meet any of the VN girls. I neither have their telephone number nor any kind of contact. None of us feels to miss somebody. It's better like this:)

Greetings Triinu K.

The VN Portaal and of course us thank everyone who took part at the fan-interview!

Source: VN Portaal

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