Sonntag, Februar 26, 2012

Eesti Laul 2012

We informed you about the first Eesti Laul semifinal which took place last week.

Yesterday the 2nd semifinal was transmitted on ETV on 21.35 [GTM+2]. Lenna was the 2nd one who performed her song 'Mina Jään' [Engl.: I stay]. When she was interviewed by Piret she said that she is full of engergy.
It was hoped and expected that the host Piret Järvis would have worn another beautiful twelve dresses but she wore one of the dresses from the first semifinal. She explained on Facebook and Ringvaade that she liked that one very much.

The five contestants whomade it to the Eesti Laul final on the coming Saturday March, 3rd are:

Lenna - 'Mina Jääan'

Traffic - 'NASA'

Birgit Õigemeel & Violina - 'You're Not Alone'

Teele Viira - 'City Nights'

Tenfold Rabbit - 'Oblivion'

Lenna's, favourite acts Mimicry, Orelipoiss and Malcolm Lincoln didn't come further.

Re-watch the whole show here and Lenna's performance below. Photos on Delfi (Delfi 2) and Elu24.

We're looking forward to a great final on Saturday! Meet you at the place and same time!

Source: VN Portaal

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