Freitag, September 30, 2011

Katrin's Initiative

Yesterday on September 29, 2011 the Vanilla Ninja keyboarder and Lindakivi Culture Center director, Katrin Siska, who was involved in politics, started an initiative against the raising prizes in Estonia since the new standard currency of Europe, the Euro, has been introduced in Estonia this year.

Some time ago Katrin has already given her statement about the Euro (Club VN informed you about it) which wasn't really positive. When we asked her how she feels about getting the new currency at the end of the last year she replied to us: "[...]I am a bit sad that we are losing our beautiful "kroon" money in the beginning of next year and it is horrible to see that prices in the shops are already getting more and more expensive... For example food. [...]"

Ei Hinnatõusule (Engl.: The prizes won't raise) her project was called and took place in the old town of the European capital of culture, Tallinn, from 11.30 am 12.00 am (GTM+2) in the form of a demonstration.

About the event Katrin says:
"Thank you! I believe we made clear for the politicians that something has to be done against the prizes. :)"

It is worth watching the photogallery on  Elu24 !

Many thanks to Katrin for the news! :)

Montag, September 26, 2011

Happy birthday, Lenna!

Time is passing too fast,
again 365 days are over again and our lovely Ninja's day of birth, 26th September, is there.
This year Lenna reach the perfect fitting wonderful 26th age and we wish her of course all and only the best of this world! May all your dreams and wishes become true and your worries be gone on your day.


Freitag, September 23, 2011


We informed you that the Vanilla Ninja singer Lenna Kuurmaa is working on a second album after having lots of success with her debut album last year (awards, successful tours, full concerts).

We already have had the oppurtunity to check out the opening single of her new album, which is Õnnelaul (Engl.: Happy Song). Next month, in October Lenna will bring out a new single of her new album with a music video. All we know now is that the song is called Hüvasti, Maa! (Engl.: Fare Well, Earth!)

We are all looking forward to it!

Source: Vanilla Ninja Portaal

Mittwoch, September 21, 2011

Hair Style Idol Lenna

The famous Estonian Fashion Hair salon hairstylist, Maarika Heering, picked out the TOP 10 most resquested Estonian star-hairstyles 2011 for PUBLIK.

The famous and popular Vanilla Ninja singer, Lenna  Kuurmaa, takes the first place out of ten with her shiny blond hair.
"The strawberry blonde shade is trendy and gets more and more popluar. The ones who are tired of their blonde shade and wish to refresh in autumn can get in with it easily, simply with a strawberry blonde  shade. It is a good possibility to give the tiredness of the summer a refreshed, trendy hairstyle. To Lenna Kuurmaa this is succeeded very well!", Maarika Heering says.

Last year Lenna's mate Piret took the first place with her long blonde hair and the side parting.

Maybe you would also update your look with her style. We find that Lenna looks fantastic as usual.

Source: PUBLIK

Sonntag, September 18, 2011

Car Parade

Since September 15, 2011 the Environment Festival Rohevik has taken place in the European Capital of Culture 2011, Tallinn. On the occasion of that many car manufacturers exhibit their electronic cars at the Vabaduse Väljak (Engl.: Independence Square) and start their car parade from there all over the city.
The cars are driven by many Estonian celebrities among others the Vanilla Ninja girl, Piret Järvis who drove a Toyota Aygost.

Source: Publik

Donnerstag, September 15, 2011

Vanilla Ninja Ice-Cream - The Third One

We have asked the Vanilla Ninja keyboarder, Katrin Siska, if Vanilla Ninja would bring out a third ice-cream.
As they have already brought out the most demanded ice-cream flavours vanilla and chocolate we asked her about a possible strawberry flavour which is quite as demanded as the two other ones.

She answered:
maybe, it depends... if band will do a huge comeback then ofcourse :) today vn is relaxing

We are believing in the girls! We hope dream and pray for it especially because of their 10-year anniversary and Katrin does so, too!

We want to know YOUR opinion!
Vote on Facebook!

Mittwoch, September 14, 2011

Katrin's Favourite Meal

The Vanilla Ninja keyboarder and Lindikivi director, Katrin Siska, told Buduaar that she is a passional cook, however the meals she prepares don't inculde meat or eggs, as we know Katrin is vegetarian, her favourite desserts are, except from our and her beloved Vanilla Ninja ice-cream, shakes and cocktails.
She does love to experiment in the kitchen as well.

As a yoga-fan, my meals keep being meat- and egg-free. One of my liked meals are grilled eggplants served with airy cheese-garlic-green-sauce. Katrin says.

About the Vanilla Ninja ice-cream she says: I usually prepare the Vanilla Ninja vanilla flavour with fresh strawberries, raspberries or blueberries among the summer. I get them in the forest by myself.

Source: Publik

Dienstag, September 13, 2011

Palju Õnne Sünnipäevaks!

The passed two weeks two of the most important people in the Ninja's life celebrated their birthdays one of them is Piret Järvis' fiancé, the drummer Kallervo Karu (August 30, 1985).
The other one is Vanilla Ninja's first manager's, Renee Meriste, and Maarja Meriste-Kivi's sweet daughter Dora-Liisa (September 6, 2004).

We wish both all the best of this world and a joyful new year of life.

Palju, palju õnne sünnipäevaks! :)


Yesterday on September 12th, 2011 the former Vanilla Ninja bass-guitarist and singer Maarja Kivi (now better known as Marya Roxx) told her fans that she will release a digital single within the week and asked her fans to guess which one it would be, on Facebook, Joanna from Club Vanilla Ninja guessed it correctly at once!
The ballade Blinded has been released today on September 13th, 2011.
It is available in every kind (iTunes - 0,99€, CD Baby, etc.)
Marya has already performed the single once on her Time To Run Tour 2010 you can listen to it below:
Congratulations Marya! We love you and your music! Keep on rockin' like this!
And to all the fans out there: Don't miss this great song!

Montag, September 12, 2011

Project (Club) Vanilla Ninja 2012

Less than 3 months have been left to the year 2012. The year when the most famous and popular Estonian girl rock band known as Vanilla Ninja will have its ten year anniversary.
We don't know what is planned by the Ninja girls in 2012 as the three members as their are busy with own projects (Lenna with her singing career, Piret at TV and Katrin as the head on the big cultureal center Lindakivi).
But we know that the Vanilla Ninja supporters are having big projects: The Love Ninjas  crew has asked their visitors if they would join a fan-meeting in Estonia in summer 2012, the voting has shown that 83% are willing to join the fan-meeting.
Of course us from Club Vanilla Ninja are planning something, too and we want you to join.
We want to make a big photoalbum for the Ninja girls which includes fotos them with you(!) (their beloved fans).
Of course we know that not all of you have had the chance to meet the girls yet, in case you don't have such a photo you can take photos with you and your Vanilla Ninja stuff. We would also like to see photos of the Ninjas supporting your Vanilla Ninja page!
The goal we want to reach is to make the Ninjas remember about their fans and that we believe in them as a band!
You can send us the photos on our Facebook account or via mail on
We are looking forward to your photos.
Deadline is FEBUARY 6th 2012!

Sonntag, September 11, 2011

Piret and Lenna in Mood

The Vanilla Ninja guitarist Piret Järvis has filled the cover story and the cover from August 2011 issue from the popular Estonian fashion magazine MOOD.
The main topics were her new job at TV, her relationship to her fiancé, Kallervo Karu, and of course her incluence and involvement in Estonian fashion world.
The detailed article based on an interview is five pages long and filled with many beautiful photos of Piret.
At the editorial of the magazine you can enjoy one more photo of her, as well.

Piret has been photographed by the famous Estonian photographer, Maiken Staak. It took place at the Greece island, Kreta.
Us from Club Vanilla Ninja got ourselves the magazine and we have to say it is worth buying! If you missed it you can read and see the whole article here. Thanks to Suurprobleem who scanned the whole article and uploaded it.

One month after we could look Piret in MOOD we can now enjoy her mate Lenna.
Different to Piret her article is only two pages long and she is not to see on the cover.
She told the magazine that she doesn't really experiment with make-up, except from the case when she tries a new film-role.
I believe I can live without most of the cosmetics, but I use mostly a peach blush, mascara and perfumes. she says, One thing I can’t avoid in my everyday make-up and which I call “beauty tabu” is a voluntary carbon black hair coloring.
Her favourite cosmectics brands are such as YvesSaintLaurent and Bourjois'.
Lenna doesn't tell her whole secret but she says the best compliment she ever got was: A few days ago I was told that “Lenna, your eyes are sun.”.

Source:  Love Ninjas

Piret at Pealtnägija

We informed you that the Vanilla Ninja guitarist, Piret Järvis, would join another TV show on the Estonian TV ETV called Pealtnägija [Engl.: Eyewitness], besides her documentary 2011 which has went over at the end of August.
In the first episode Piret interviews the slackliner Jaan Roose.
Watch it here.

Source: Bigproblem11

Elu Veinimõisas Vol. 2

In summer 2009 the Vanilla Ninja guitarist, Piret Järvis, had been France with other Estonian celebrities to the first season of the Estonian documentary Elu Veinimõisas [Engl.: Life at the wine growing estate], as the name says, the documentary is about showing the life a the wine growing estate in the France, the country famous for the wine.
The 2nd season had been shot this summer, this time Piret's band mate, Lenna Kuurmaa, stood at the Chateau Magnoli in Bordeaux together with other celebrities, among other the famous Estonian song writer Sven Lõhmus, who wrote the song Club Kung-Fu with Piret.
Watch photos on Delfi or Elu24.
The documentary will be realeased on TV3.
You can watch the first episode here.

Samstag, September 10, 2011

Club Vanilla Ninja

Dear Club VN friends,
we used the time, today and yesterday, to update and change our site a little bit. is now the official Club Vanilla Ninja site,
The forum will keep existing, not as a main-page but as a side-page (Club VN forum).

Enjoy our new site!