Donnerstag, August 30, 2012

Piret on Television

Piret in 'Pealtnägija'

We informed you that Piret is now mainly working at the Estonian television ETV moreover in the show 'Pealtnägija' [Engl.: Eye-witness]. She will also be seen in this year's show as there was also made a jingle with Piret.

Check it out below:

Sources: Vanilla Ninja, Pealtnägija



Last summer Piret had her own show '2011' which was about Tallinn as European Captial of Culture. This summer she has a show with Indrek Treufeldt which is called '27' because during mid-summer 2012 she and Treufeldt travelled through 27 European countries and discovered their cultures. Now this documentary will be transmitted and the experienced they made shown to Estonia on ETV. In the first show they will talk about their closest neighbours Finland and Latvia.

Sources: Vanilla Ninja, ETV

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