Dienstag, August 21, 2012

News-Update Lenna #1

Expressions Fall 2012

After rabbits in spring and cats in summer the Expressions-model Lenna is now posing with a baby-snow leopard (then 3 months old, born April 23rd). The shooting didn't take place in studios this time but at the zoo of Tallinn, so visitors were able to watch the work on place.
The Expressions winter-collection is presenting jewellary á la fashion-icon Chanel. Check out a little making-of video and interview Lenna gave here.

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Source: Vanillaninja.eu

'Vuosaari' Premiere

At the beginning of August the film premiere of 'Vuosaari' [Engl.: Naked Harbour] took place in Estonia at the  Kino Sõprus, in the Solaris Keskus and at the filmfestival of Tartu - tARTuFF. Lenna who played one of the main characters was on place, too and gave an interview for the Estonia radio Elmar where she talks about her role, how she got it and of course about her experiences and impressions.Listen to the interview here.

Source: VNP

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