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News-update Lenna #2

Lenna at Psühholoogia Sinule

"I'm sick of feeling guilty!", Lenna says on the cover of the magazine Psühholoogia Sinule [Engl.: Psychology for you], where she really opened her soul to the public. She tells that she has lost her inner peace currently and has become almost paranoid.

The main topic of her interview shows that she has thought a lot lately. It was concerning children and a family. Some happenings of this year (e.g. the vocal cords surgey right after the Eesti Laul 2012) were decisive for this and opened her eyes.
"I think it is nice when people have children and assume the families. [...] I would be delighted if it happened to me one day.", Lenna tells.
Personally, she thinks that it wouldn't be a problem to have children and care for the own career.

Her former mates Keit Triisa (backgroundsinger in 2010) and Maarja Kivi (alias Marya Roxx) might be two good examples for her.

On Suurproblem's Photobucket-channel you can see the screenshots.

Lenna will play in Aku Louhimies' new Film

As the film "Vuosaari" [Engl.: Naked Harbour] was very successful in its producing country Finland, the producer Aku Louhimies has now finished the script on another movie. "Elävvien Kirjoihin" [Engl.: Living Books] will be released in winter in January 2013.
Lenna once told in an interview that she was chosen for Viivi in "Vuosaari" because the producer liked what she does, so it's no wonder that he chose her for this movie again. She will play the role of a woman who is named Anna.

"You can sort this movie into a love story", Louhimies tells to the Estonian magazine Postimehe. The producing places were Helsinki and Kuopios in Finland and Lissabon in Portugal. It was inspired by Marko Kilpi's detective novel.

Source: VNP

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