Freitag, März 30, 2012

Piret and Kalle in a Relationship Again?

At the beginning of the new year we had to informed you that Piret Järvis and her fiancé drummer Kallervo Karu take a break from their relationship. Now it seems that they are together again.

We remind you that everything got clarified in January when Kallervo changed is relationship status on his Facebook page from "in a relationship with" to "single". The two of them explained that they need to refresh their relationship with this break. Even though they kept their tattoos which is supposed to be the sign of their engagement. Apart from that the couple still has plans to marry in the future.
Even in August, when Piret firstly began to spend lots of time with the Shelton San singer Valter Nõmm, there were rumors that Piret would have had a relationship with him, as the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht wrote. Piret annulled these rumors and explained that it's only a business coorporation between the two of them.

The Estonian magazine Kroonika writes that Piret and Kallervo were seen at a beautiful dinner in the restaurant Põhja-Tallinna Rimis.
Now Piret additionally says that during this period her fiancé and her didn't have any arguments and that it looks like they are in a relationship again. "We get along greatly with each other!", she says.

Sources: Õhtuleht, Kroonika

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