Mittwoch, März 28, 2012

Lenna's Car in Auction:

On Monday, March 26th it was published that Lenna's car the Renault Mégane Coupé will be auctionned tomorrow on March 29th at the City Motors (Staadioni 1, 10132 Tallinn, Estonia) on 14.00 pm [GTM+2] for a opening-prize of 1 €. The reason is that the City Motors will give Lenna a bigger car. The administrator Airi Rätsep explains: "Lenna Kuurmaa is an excellent singer who brought us a successful development we want to make contribution."

Lenna is happy about this and says: "I'm truely grateful to the City Motors, that they lend me a hand according to the car. I hope that our cooperation will be great and successful."

Source: Ninja Portaal

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