Samstag, März 03, 2012

Lenna talks about her Outfit

Last week Lenna attented to the yearly presdential-reception again. Just like the last year she wore a dress by the Estonian designer Pille Küngas. She chose a audacious combination of a cold-coloured dress and orange shoes and explains to the women's magazine Naisteleht why.

'The shoes were my own courageous decision, you can say. I talked to Pille about it and she wasn't sure if this would be a loss at such an important event.', Lenna Kuurmaa says.

She goes on telling that this audacious idea came suddenly. 'But this dress itself was so romantic, airy, bright, pure and light so I wanted the 'break-in' there to set something completly different to impress. I still wanted the colour in there.'

'It is also logical saying that the shoes were really bright, but I put in pastell orange and I also painted my fingernails in the same coulour.'

Source: Delfi

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