Donnerstag, Mai 03, 2012

Galapagai 2012

Today the Vanilla Ninja fans have been informed about a Lithuanian festival named 'Galapagai' which will as well take place this year again.

VN-LT-Fan from the crew among others has already tried to get Vanilla Ninja to the perform at this festival, too. So far there has neither anything been confirmed nor denied but he is not only asking the VN-management for help but also you!

How can you help? - It's easy, if you're registered on Facebook, go and like Galapagai's page and write on their timeline 'We want Vanilla Ninja in festival Galapagai/Rock Nights' of course you can add anything else you want with it.

With lot's of hope, optimism and holding together we might see VN not on only live at Pestivals but also there at Galapagai!
So help and share the information!

Thanks to VN-LT-Fan for the news! :)

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