Samstag, Mai 12, 2012

Back to School

Lately Katrin Siska who is now the head of the biggest culture centre of Tallinn, the Lindakivi Culture Center, talked to the Estonian fashion magazine Buduaar [Engl.: Boudoir] and remembered her schooldays.

From her official biography we know that Katrin was Piret's classmate and a very, very good student. "At school I liked music, arts, maths and languages - Estonian, Russian, English and German language.", says Katrin who speaks also French and learns Spanish.
As a good student Katrin liked almost everything at school the only thing which annoyed her was IT because of her teacher. She remembers: "I didn't like IT, because of teacher. IT teacher was an old sweaty man, who smoked and didn't hear properly. Every time someone asked something he came really close to explain it. That's why noone didn't want to aske anything."
This is understandable for Katrin who generally doen't and doesn't like to smoke.

Source: Buduaar

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