Montag, April 02, 2012

Piret not on Today's Terevisioon

As we informed you Piret Järvis will be the host of the Estonian ETV morning show 'Terevisioon' [Engl.: Hellovision] for a certain time. Even though "(in) fact, I didn't go to the studios this morning. This programme was recorded in parts, because right this morning I came to travel abroad", says Piret.

Piret says that of course this was an excepting from the regularity. The following shows are already planned.
The singer and host hasn't been able to judge about the results of the recordings. "I haven't watched filming yet, it is difficult to imagine by speaking. But it is something I want to do in any case. By Urmas Vaino's side it has still been good and safe", Piret explains to the web-designer of the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht.

In these following three days Piret even has to wake up before 05.00 am [GTM+2]. "But it's great that meanwhile I've got the routine.", Piret says.

The real hosts of 'Terevisioon' Katrin Viirpalu and Peeter Oja got replaced by Urmas Vaino and Piret Järvis because of the vacation they are having currently.

Source: Õhtuleht

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